What the Quimp?! – Episode 2 – Comic-to-Movie Adaptations


Movie theatres these days are full of comic book-to-movie adaptations, but that doesn’t mean that Hollywood always picks the best properties to adapt! On this episode of What the Quimp?! we fan-cast the comics we’d most like to see make it to the silver screen, as well as discussing the best (and worst) comic-to-film adaptations out there. Click here to download the episode!

If you’re a resident of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, support your local independent comic vendor by visiting Comet Comics!

The What the Quimp?! theme music was composed and performed by Vince Nitro! Our lovely header art was created by Becky McKercher!


Howard the Duck  (Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones)
Velvet (Ed Brubaker and Epting)
Thor (current run by Jason Aaron Russell Dauterman)
I by proxy named Ajin (Demi-Human) (Sakurai Gamon)
Sandman (Neil Gaiman)
Black Hole (Charles Burns)
Creature Tech (Doug Tenapel)
Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson)
Nameless (Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham)
Spera vol. 1 (Josh Tierney and various artists)
All-Star Superman (Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely)
And probably a bunch that I missed.

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